The Alec Hogg Show

Brutally honest Rob Hersov on Ruperts, coming home; unseating ANC.

Welcome to Episode Nine of The Alec Hogg Show, a long form audio biography where we look behind the headlines at the lives of interesting South Africans. Our guest in this episode is Rob Hersov. Wealthy, educated, and just turned 60, Hersov is on a mission to help fix South Africa, something you’ll hear plenty about in what follows. A Harvard MBA and scion of a mining dynasty, his CV includes having worked under the direct tutelage of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and luxury goods baron Johann Rupert. Hersov put those lessons to great effect, achieving significant entrepreneurial success including the building of a successful private jet business which he sold to Warren Buffett. He has clearly inherited the energy of his famous father Basil, Anglovaal chairman, World War Two fighter pilot and still active in his mid 90s. With the wealth and experience to go anywhere on earth, three years ago Hersov junior chose to return to South Africa after three decades abroad. Like other guests on this show, Rob was selected on the basis that if his story were captured in book form, it would likely be a best seller.  – Alec Hogg